Compressor Malfunctions 

Our analysts can detect various compressor malfunctions based on measurements of required horsepower, capacity, efficiency, valve and passage losses, valve dynamics and gas pulsations using our compressor analysis methods.  With these results, corrective actions are recommended.

Detectable Malfunctions

  • Leaking valves and rings
  • Malfunctioning unloaders
  • Rider band wear
  • Crosshead wear
  • Liner damage
  • Lack of rod reversal
  • Rod drop and runout
  • Excessive piping vibration
  • Excessive piston rod loads
  • Foundation or grout damage

Collected Data

  • Cylinder pressure
  • Cylinder and valve vibration
  • Crosshead vibration
  • Valve temperature
  • Cylinder suction/discharge temperature
  • Valve ultrasonic detection
  • Rod motion

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